Tasty Tidbits – The Dock, Bangkok

The Dock Napkin

While strolling around hip area Thonglor restaurant The Dock – Seafood Bar – By Thammachart Seafood caught our interest with a nice store front and interior.  Located in the small mall “The Maze Thonglor” it is a short walk away from BTS Thong Lo. 

We were actually on route to the Supanninga Eating Room, but also were in the mood for a new place, so we decided on the spot to give it a try. 

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Tasty Tidbits – Flat Iron, London

While the act of traveling itself is a big part of our passion, eventually you have to and want to arrive at your (temporary) destination. And what better way is there to get acclimated than delicious food? 

Our series tasty tidbits will focus on culinary joys we discovered on our travels. 

London. Great Steak. Reasonably priced. 

Sounds unlikely? Then you haven’t been to the Flat Iron yet.  What started as a pop-up at a pub quickly became a permanent fixture and then a growing chain of restaurants.  At the time of this writing already 5 restaurants exist in London, and with good reason.  


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